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Automatic Retinal Image Analysis for Stroke Risk


Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) is a 5-minute non-invasive method, which was developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to evaluate the risk of stroke.

Since the retinal blood vessels have similar histological structure and pathological changes with the blood vessels in the brain, ARIA can provide a glimpse of the cerebral vessel conditions, and thus can provide an early detection of the stokes.


During the eye exam, ARIA turn the retinal images in our centre into quantifiable and analyzable data, then ARIA reads pixel by pixel the retinal images and come up with evaluation of the eye exam. ARIA stroke risk analysis achieves nearly 95% sensitivity.



Non-invasive; No radiation; No side effect; Fast; Convenient; Accurate; Can be used as frequently as one likes; no blood sample is needed

What are the stroke signs?
1. Loss of balance; dizziness; severe headache
2. Sudden vision blur
3. Face drooping (one side)
4. Arm weakness
5. Slurred speech

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