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ARIA eWMH, cognitive health

Automatic Retinal Image Aanalysis -eWMH Conitive Health Risk


Dementia is a brain disease which often start with memory problem, then may produce other  problems like communication, emotion and change in personality. If we can early detect this kind of patients, we may slow down the progression by  suitable treatment.

Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) is a 5-10 minutes non-invasive method to assess the risk of severe age-related white matter hyperintensities (ARWMH) in the brain. It uses cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as gold standard and achieved more than 90% sensitivity & specificity.

Since the retinal blood vessels have similar histological structure and pathological changes with the blood vessels in the brain, ARIA can provide a glimpse of the cerebral vessel conditions, and thus can provide an early detection of cognitive health problem.


During the eye exam, ARIA turn the retinal images in our centre into quantifiable and analyzable data, then ARIA reads pixel by pixel the retinal images and come up with evaluation of the eye exam.



Non-invasive; No radiation; No side effect; Fast; Convenient; Accurate; Can be used as frequently as one likes; no blood sample is needed

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