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Orthokeratology (Ortho-k / Ok Lens)

orthok, orthokeratology, ok lens

Nowadays, more and more children have myopia. As higher chance of getting ocular health problem, such as retinal detachment and glaucoma, from high myopia, myopic control become a crucial issue. ​


Orthokeratology (OK Lens/ Orthok) is a non-surgical treatment which use a specially designed RGP lens to reshape the cornea during sleeping. After removing the lens in the morning, myopic control effect and clear vision can be obtained without optical aids.


Optometrists in Dynasty Eyecare have certificate of attainment in Orthokeratology Practice.


For children:​​

Orthokeratology can slow down the myopic progression about 50%-70% when compared with children who wear spectacles by the previous studies.​


For adult:​

Due to the clear vision brought from myopic reduction, it also benefit to adults who want free from any optical aids, especially for contact lens wearers who have dry eye problem

Orthokeratology (OK lens/ Orthok) Uniqueness and Competitiveness
1. Lower the rate of myopia and risk of ocular diseases caused by myopia
2. Stop the treatment anytime you want. Once stop using the orthok lens, the myopia and corneal curvature will slowly recover to its original status
3. No side effect brought by myopic control drugs (No photophobia; No focusing problem at near; No rebound effect on the rate of myopia)
4. No optical aids is needed at daytime

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